Here you will find many key documents relevant to the employment and skills agenda, including the ESF Convergence programme, as well as some other documents that you may find useful. This includes evaluations and other project related content.

If there is something that you can't find anything please ask and we'll do our best to help.


Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (2013) draft Employment and Skills strategy 

DWP (continually updated) Universal Credit, toolkit for advisors

DWP (continually updated) 2014 to 2020 European Programmes, draft documents and advice 

EC 2014 to 2020 Cohesion Policy, Adopted Package (2013)


Eat well, spend less guide 2014

Feeling the Pinch leaflet 

GHK (2010) Cornwall Local Authority Child Poverty Innovation Pilot, 3rd local evaluation report

GHK (2011), Cornwall Local Authority Child Poverty Innovation Pilot

Inclusion Cornwall (2009) Inclusion Cornwall: Our achievements and future focus 2009 - 2014

Mental Health

Advice for businesses from MIND 

The Mindful Employer charter  

Pentreath Ltd are also able to provide specialist training for managers and frontline staff.

Niace (2014) report on Community Learning and Digital Inclusion

Unionlearn & South West TUC (2013) Equality Works (p11 includes example from ESF Convergence)

Winter Wellness guide for Cornwall 2013 - 2014

Winter Wellness guide for Isles of Scilly 2013 - 2014

Worring about council tax leaflet


DWP ESF: September 2013 Improving People's lives 2013-2014 and November 2014 updated version 


Ball A (2011) Finistere visit Journal

Combined Universities in Cornwall (2013) Made it in Cornwall 

Cornwall Council (2009), Cornwall Finistere comparison 

Cornwall Works (????) 50 + Journey

Cornwall Works (2013), An end of term report on the innovation fund pilot projects

Cornwall Works (2013) Cornwall Works 50+ and 50+ Cares Farewell

Cornwall Works (2013), Final evaluation of Cornwall Works 50+

Cornwall Works (2013), Final evaluation of Cornwall Works 50+ cares

Cornwall Works (2011) Interim evaluation of Cornwall Works 50+

Cornwall Works (2011) Interim evaluation of Cornwall Works 50+ cares

Cornwall Works The innovation projects

ESF national evaluation reports (continually updated) can be found here . . .

ESF Community Grants in NW England - Evaluation, Network for Europe (2014)

Marchmont Observatory, University of Exeter and Perfect Moment (2011) Evaluation of the Convergence ESF Partnership Works project

Meneer D (2014) Family Centred Approach to Welfare to Work: a narrative snapshot, Cornwall Works Hub 

Meneer D, The perspective of a 60 year old, Cornwall Works

Meneer D (2012) Dave's Blogs

Minisrty of Justice, Data Lab Statistics (2014) - MoJ have used NOMS CFO data from 2010 to carry out a re-offending analysis. This study was repeated with data from 2011. The results have been published here . . . The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) have undertaken `thematic reports’ covering the work NOMS CFO providers delivery to offenders who are the hardest to help and furthest from the labour market. The reports are published on the NOMS CFO website

National Careers Service, Satisfaction and Progression Surveys 2012/13 (2013) - includes ESF participants although not specifically identified

Rodda H (2011) Transnational Cooperation – Swedish Partners

Yeoman S (2012) Sarah's Blogs

Yeoman S (2012) Sarah Yeoman reports on the 50 Plus programmes

Publicity Guidelines:

For the DWP 2007-14 ESF programme publicity requirements please visit the DWP website.

Action note 090 regarding display of ESF plaques.

Telling the Story (Dec 2013): Communicating European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020 conference proceedings, the key learnings and visual proceedings, and speakers presentations.

Articles in Europe Today on Communications and ESF Europe Today July 2008 and October 2008.


Epsilon research (2013) ESF performance target setting and adjusting in social inclusion

Department for Work and Pensions (2012-2013), ESF Improving lives

Roger Tym & Partners (2006), The Economic benefit arising from the Equal Opportunities Cross Cutting Theme - Jobcentre Plus Co-Financing Programme

Co-financing organisations for Cornwall and the wider South West 2011-2013 can be found here...

ESF Convergence, Framework for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly 2007-2013 can be found here...

ESF England, Communications plan 2007-2013 can be found here...

ESF England, Equal opportunities 2007-2013 can be found here...

ESF England, Operational programme 2007-2013, can be found here...

ESF England, Programme guidance 2007-2013 can be found here...

ESF England, Regulations 2007-2013 can be here...

ESF England, Sustainable development 2007-2013 can be found here...

ESF England, Technical Assistance, information on TA projects can be found here...

Glossary: definitions of terms used throughout the ESF programme