Inclusion – opportunity for all – is a vital prerequisite for a more sustainable world, environmentally, socially and economically. It encompasses a sense of belonging, being respected and valued and having equality of access, across all three strands.

A key part of this is economic inclusion - where everybody has the opportunity, knowledge and support to be the best thay can be, to reach their own goals and to be economically independent. Given the role of Inspiring Work we look at some of the key factors affecting economic inclusion.

An Inclusion Strategy will include plans for affirmative action to remove barriers, thereby promoting participation and equality of opportunity. In Cornwall the Cornwall Works strategy plays a key role in promoting economic inclusion across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

  • Financial Wellbeing

    Financial inclusion is all about ensuring that everyone has access to appropriate financial services, enabling them to manage their money, plan for the future, cope with financial pressures and deal effectively with financial distress, regardless of level of income or social status.

  • Older Workers

    On average we are living longer and can expect many more years of healthy life. However out of work older people can find it more difficult to get a job and are more likely than younger people to remain unemployed for longer. It is vital, therefore, that there is support for older workers to enter, re-enter and progress in the world of work, giving everybody the opportunity of a full working life to create the futures people want.

  • Health

    A myriad of factors influence well-being, including health and work, which themselves can be intimately related. The impacts are not only economic but can also affect people’s life chances.

  • Disability Confident

    It is vital that you feel confident about the fact that that you have as much right to apply for the jobs you want as someone without a health issue or disability.